Monday, December 13, 2010


DECEMBER 11, 2010
IN an action packed spit-off in the GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championships, local boy Grant "Hercules" Hetherington spat his way to the top.

The heats were hot enough and past champ, Craig "I was the Man" McSharer, looked worried early on.

"I could see I was up against it," he said. "I knew my win last year was inspirational, but I hadn't realised it's full impact. Now every weekened spitter wants to represent his country."

Final results were:
1 - Grant "Hercules" Hetherington 10.93 metres.
2 - Daniel "The Whistler" Jones 10.73 metres.
3 - Adam "Tippers" Buckley 10.35 metres.

Friday, December 10, 2010


IN a dramatic development, the current Australasian GlobeVista Cherry Pip Spitting Champion, Craig "The Hoop Boy" McSharer, has announced he will spit in this Saturdays Big Spit.

Only two days ago, the champ, whose mug is not up for grabs until January 4 in Cromwell NZ, had said he would stand aside and let the "local lads have a crack".

All this changed when a number of young turks came out of the orchard and blow their cheeks.

These included Grant "Hercules" Hetherington, Daniel "The Whistler" Jones and Greg "Shorty" Matthews.

Not to forget Adam "Blow Hard, Blow Long" Adams and the Dark Horse, who is yet to show his colours, Adam "The Whisperer" Price. Price, who has been in hiding since last year's event, when he blitzed the field with an early spit in excess of 12 metres.

If you want to see some live action, but not much of it, go to the ABC SOUTH WEST WEB SITE.

The Big Spit will commence at around 11.15am  tomorrow Saturday 11.

Monday, December 06, 2010


The National Cherry Association provided a highlight for the Victorians this year at their annual Cherry Spit.

Above: the winner of  the Vic Spit, Iain Chaney, no relation to Lon, Fred or Michael.
Iain did his best but if he thinks he can wrest the National Championship from our very own Craig "Spit King" McSharer, then he better start practising because a spit of 8.9 metres ain't going to cut it.
To be fair, I understand he spat better in the heat, over 10 metres, and blamed a strong wind for his dismal winning spit.
This, apparently, almost caused a spat with the organiser who thought he was taking the spit out of some of the older members.

Below: The National Cherry Association Ambassador for 2010, Kathleen Alleaume, visited the Cherry Lane Big Spit and displayed much needed grace and charm.

This weekend in Manjimup, West Australia, the big men of cherry pip spitting will spit off in the Globe Vista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championships of 2010.

Unfortunately  this year will not feature a New Zealander.
They have had it, collapsed in a heap, lost their cherries, are scared, no, they have adjusted their comp and this year will spit next year, January 4 to be precise.

Manjimup's last year's winner, the inimitable Craig "Big Foot" McSharer, will represent Australia in NZ in January.

Local spitters this year will spit for money, glory and a place in next year's Tenth Anniversary final.

The spit is on!

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Final Event

Somewhere in early 10

THE final event of the big Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival is always the Long Table Lunch, set in the magnificent surrounds of a Newton Brothers cherry orchard.
2009 was no exception.
Well, in fact, it was, because every year new people arrive to experience the wonder of fine food, fine wine, fine conversation, in a fine setting. Depending on who they are and how they are, the day finds its own milieu.
2009 was exciting because those gathered were exuberant and expectant.
They saw John Rampaging Towie spit his teeth and a dummy to reclaim the Dummy Spitting Championship of the Warren District.
They watched a sudden gust of wind lift the tarpaulin, bust the steel stays and blow the patrons cover.
Then they witnessed men at work on cherry pickers, on ladders, with ropes, led by Paul Nothing Phases Me Buckley, Peter Who the Hell am I Fontannini, but both answered to the inspired direction of Stuart Mr Fix-it 21ST Century Ipsen.
In no time at all the cover was back, the patrons were amazed and the music played.
Then there was the auction, led by this man:

All photos on this page were taken by David Moyle, or Moyley, budding genius and photographer.

The two big items on the list were a hat signed by Danny Green and a T-shirt donated by the 3 Oceans Wine Company, featuring the Palandri International Comedy Festival and signatures from a number of Australia's best known comedians.
After a long and bitter struggle the hat was knocked down by Adam Take No Prisoners Buckley and the T-shirt was consumed by Bev This is Mine Norman.

The man below on the left is Adam Non-one Can Punch Me and Get Away With It Buckley and the man on the right is none other Harvey I've Got Knees Too Giblett. Together they are an essential part of the team that puts Newton Brothers Orchards on the road.

Is this photo there is a man on the left (no consequence) and a man on the right: Lance Larsen, good bloke and Big Bidder at the Manjmup Cherry Harmony Festival Long Table Lunch auctions.

If you would like to be at this exclusive event next year, good luck. It books out early. And if you don't know someone in Manjimup, then you better get started, you're going to need all the help you can get.

ps: don't call this blogger. He's busy.