Tuesday, December 16, 2014


THE new GlobeVista Australian Cherry Pip Spitting Champions previous winner Clint "Howling Wind" Thompson.

He won it last two years ago and came back this year a dark and quiet horse but once that pip was clean and ready it went like a bullet.

Next year, 2015, Clint will spit off in Queenstown for the right to say: "I am the Champ of the Southern Hemisphere."

It won't be easy. The New Zealanders not only have a buoyant economy, they have a way with the cherry stone.

These two idiots (below) called the big event and had to work on their feet when a spitter caught a small child on the side of the head and very nearly removed his ear.

In Manjimup, health and safety is never forgotten and ambulance officers raced to the scene and stretchered off Doust (he's the old one with the beard) after they found him gasping, coughing and wobbly on his feet. 

You want to see footage? (There will be more later.)

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Organisers are saying it was the biggest festival yet and no better example than the 3000 standing gawking at grown people spit.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cherry Pip Spitting at it's best!

December, 2014.

On Saturday the 13th it will be someone's lucky day. Lucky because no-one can tell in the spitting game - one spitter who spat 13 metres in a heat will choke and only manage 10 in the final.

It has happened. And this year will not feature the current Australasian Champion, New Zealand's Mike "Wide Mouth" Wardill. 

Not only will Mike stay home, he will keep his son, Bob "The Blaster", who was poised to pip the spit of his dad.

Over the ditch there are moves and shifts and changes and we can expect a contender to head to Manjimup for the 2015 season.

This year contenders will face the current Australian Champ, Manjimup's very own Adam "Atomic" Buckley. Adam has been hard at it all year to improve his technique and is disappointed that the "Wide Mouth" will not be challenging him on the 13th.

Once again thousand will flock to West Australia's food bowl in the Southern Forests and around 2000 will stand stunned in the main street of Manjimup and watch grown men and women spit their hearts out to win the Globe Vista trip of a life-time - a ticket to Queenstown, New Zealand, and a spit off against the "Wide Mouth" and his fast developing son, "The Blaster".

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Home town advantage

Spitting titleholder's family has talent

Cromwell cherry stone spitter Mike Wardill successfully defended his national title on the weekend and it seems his family is set to follow in his footsteps.

With a winning spit of 12.09m, Mr Wardill smashed his previous record of 11.5m and outspat the Australasian champ Adam Buckley, of Manjimup, by just better than 2m.

Mr Buckley had beaten Mr Wardill at the Australasian championships held during the Manjimup Harmony Cherry Festival in Western Australia about three weeks ago and travelled to Cromwell to compete in the New Zealand competition on Saturday.

Mr Wardill's son Bob (13) had also travelled to Manjimup, winning the junior category there.
He repeated that win on Saturday with a spit of 8.91m while sister Anna (12) won the junior female category with a spit of 5.87m.


Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival