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The above is from the Weekend Australian. Note the last line from a second generation cherry grower. He knows his fruit.

What this means is, the cherries you buy in winter, those from the USA, will never taste as good as the cherries this season, right now, from the farm down the road. Why? Because by the time they get here from the US, they are well past their prime.
Same goes for cherries from Adelaide.
And, even then, if the retailer down your street does not refrigerate them, they will collapse before you get them into yours.
Now, back to taste, every so often, someone will say the best cherries ever come from Tasmania, or Budapest, or Helsinki. 
Here are three things to consider: - variety. There are over 1000. At least one will suit your pallet and you may have been lucky and eaten that one in Helsinki. My favourites: bing, lapin, stella, van, sumleta. - soil. Like all stone fruit, the cherry tree likes a good soil.
- time of year. you may have eaten an early variety, or a late…

A view from the Long Table Lunch: Manjimup Bridgetown Times, December 18, 2013


IN a remarkable victory local boy, Adam "Winner" Buckley, spat 11.9 metres to win the annual GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championship of the Entire World.

Normally a spit of 11.9 might get you second place but not this year.

With the temperature at a bone melting 39.9 degrees Celsius it was always going to be the toughest, the meanest, the most battled hardened and it was no surprise to the locals who have long hankered for a Buckley win.

In the past Buckley always spat well in the heats, always made the final, then, in the face of onslaughts from bigger men, New Zealand men, and women from down the road a bit, he could never pip the pip at the post and make it a winner.

Little did we know that he was saving himself, building for the hottest battle of all time. He was like Alan Border, chipping away in a fading team, waiting for the arrival of perfect conditions, then, BANG SPIT POW, the ashes were his, the cherry was his.

There w…


MANJIMUP December 2013.
THIS year's festival will be blessed with the spitting prowess presence of the current New Zealand Champion Michael "Pulp" Wardill.

In 2012 Michael spat the Aussie Champ Clint "Dark Cloud" Thompson in the grand final in Cromwell, a town forever to be known as a shadow to holiday central, Queenstown.

It was a remarkable comedown for the Dark Cloud because to win in Manjimup he had to spit a blood red pip over 20 metres, or 15, or 10, no-one was counting on the day.

Rumour has it that the Pulp Wardill has been spitting timber mill off-cuts to toughen his mouth for what he believes will be his toughest test since he played for the Otago Under 12s in the South Island junior rugby grand final in 1923.

Or was that 1983?

The three winners from 2012:
Jo "Perennial" Perry, Kieran "Big Bucks" Grant and Clint "Dark Cloud" Thompson.

This year's event will be bigger than ever. In the crowd you will see politicians, c…