Monday, December 09, 2019


LAST year Micky "The Bantam Rooster" Norris lobbed a cherry pip over 10metres.

He was lucky.

The year before you had to make 14metres to win.

This year? Who knows. It could be you. Or your mate.

Heats start at 9am, right outside the Visitors Centre.

First prize? Same as always: RETURN TICKET TO NEW ZEALAND.

One commitment: You can't go until March and then you have to spit off in the Rural Games Olive Pip spitting competition.

Why olives? By then the New Zealanders have eaten all their cherries and they are down to their last olives.

What do you care, it's a free trip and you can make a big deal of it and take the entire family. Mickey did and three of them had a such a great time they stayed there.

See below for the official note:
Compete in the annual “pip-off” as contestants vie against each other to see who can spit their cherry pip the furthest. Anyone can enter so come down and have a go!
Heats - 9:00am, Manjimup Visitor Centre
Finals - 10:40am, Main Stage
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